Non-formal learning club “WE” is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization was born and grew up in an informal environment, which was a non-vocational, non-formal experience-based learning. Informal learning group activities began in 2010 and organisation officially established 2012.

WE vision – to promote the turning of „the everlasting learning engine“ with the aim to learn and live building a harmony.

Organisation are very active in organising international adult/youth exchanges and each year around 100 adults/youth have possibilities participate in different national/international trainings. Non-formal learning club “WE” are very well know in Lithuania and around European as non-formal learning organisations, as responsible and active partner with competent staff.


Our Head of Organization with a Phd in Social Sciences (Education) implemented various trainings for
youth/adults focussed on basic and non-vocational competencies development. She has more
than 20 years experience working with youth/adults and project management, as also a
lecturer, researcher. She is proffesional carreer specialist. She is involved in Non-formal
learning club “WE” from the organisation begining.

Others proffesional youth workers has more than 30 years experience working with youth. Practical experience working with youth gives to a big value to see practical implementation corners.