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“Back to normal: Together for health and well-being”

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

Develop an educational program and an online course for building resilience and stress resistance, improving physical
health and psychological wellbeing for young adults and senior citizens suffering from the negative consequences of Covid-
19 crisis. This project is initiated by partner organisations from four EU countries affected by the global Covid-19 crisis. All
members of our organisations are themselves suffering from the negative consequences of pandemic. We strongly believe
in the power of collaboration and the synergy effect of combining different expertise areas, such as storytelling, behavioural
change techniques for health and well being, digital skills for social communication, and non-formal learning methodology,
in developing efficient educational tools to build resilience and stress resistance. We approach our goal by focusing on
sharing experiences through storytelling, developing empathy and mutual support between different individuals, social
groups and different countries, and creating positive impact on society in general, both locally than internationally.

Reduce negative consequences of global health crisis for health and wellbeing. We need to respond to this ongoing crisis
as soon as possible, in order to prevent even more negative consequences in the future. It is well-known from the previous
social crises that dealing with immediate consequences is not enough. Healing process has to include sharing experiences
of loss and grief and building resilience and positive thinking. This process starts with acknowledgement of negative
experiences. Trying to forget the past without analysing it is a recipe for post-traumatic stress disorder and future crisis.

Address the needs of the two the most vulnerable social groups suffering from the long-term consequences of Covid-19:
young adults and senior citizens.These two groups suffered from the restrictions on physical and social activities imposed
by the lockdown, but they had different challenges: senior citizens lack digital skills to use social media and
telecommunication devices for social communication, while young adults lack resilience and stress resistance. These two
groups can help each other in developing coping strategies and resilience skills.

Develop an innovative non-formal learning methodology based on storytelling for adult educators that will increase their
competences and give them educational tools to help learners to cope with stress and grief and to improve their physical
health and psychological wellbeing. Storytelling is a tool used in psychotherapy, but not in adult learning. We will use
storytelling techniques to share traumatic experiences, to create an opportunity for psychological peer support, to start the
healing process and to build self-efficacy in adult learners. It will also encourage participants to take an active part in
improving their health and wellbeing, helping others and making positive social impact.

Develop non-formal adult learning material.The project will develop an educational program, online course, non-formal
learning methodology and a webinar for adult educators. All results will aim at one goal: to help improve health and
wellbeing of people who suffered from Covid-19 crisis.

Make positive social impact by providing useful educational tools for many stakeholders at the local and international
level, including health organisations, youth centres, local governments, research centres, and home-care providers.

Project No. 2021-1-LT01-KA220-ADU-000025964